Loadpoint Dicing Systems

Total Flexibility, Total Control

Loadpoint’s product design philosophy is very clear; put the user in control of the saw and give the user as much flexibility as possible. This synergy helps Loadpoint users not only make faster program changes and faster work-alignment procedures, but also helps them get more of their dicing operation – whether that be in research and development or in the production environment.


  • NanoControl – a common control platform that enhances productivity and ease of use
  • MicroAce 66, 6” semi-auto saw
  • NanoAce 200, 200mm semi-auto saw
  • NanoAce 300 & NanoAce 450, 300mm & 450mm semi-auto saws
  • MacroAce, 260mm diameter and 450x260mm work areas. High spindle power delivery for cutting thicker substrates such as ceramics and metals or for applications requiring a very large work area
  • WashPoint, automatic post-dicing washing station
  • PressPoint, tape ring applicator system