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Servicing and maintenance from Loadpoint

Loadpoint's new annual service and maintenance contract gives you more options to reduce your annual service costs and increase machine productivity.

Agreement includes:

  • Priority maintenance and process support during UK office hours
  • Annual preventative maintenance visits
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Discounted rates on any future scheduled visits within the contract period
  • Discounted rates on any emergency visits within the contract period
  • Calibrations to ISO standards (optional)

To improve your micro machining processes and to see how much you could save, get in touch with Loadpoint today.

Loadpoint presents developments in Piezoelectric-on-Silicon structures

Continuing our work in driving multi layer, multi material technology, Loadpoint, in conjunction with the University of Dundee Institute for Medical Science and Technology, presented the papers:

"Issues in Manufacturing of Wafer-scale 3D Piezoelectric-on-Silicon Structures" at the Bio-Sensors and MEMS packaging conference "Everything in Electronics from the Chip to the Sytem" in Edinburgh 2nd March organised by iMAPS UK.


"3D Silicon on Piezo" at the Piezo 2009 conference "Electroceramics for End users IV" in Zakopane 3rd March, organised by the Piezo Institute.

These papers focused on the development of piezo devices directly driven by silicon, for use in ultra sound applications. Using the current developments in 3D silicon-on-silicon devices as a starting point, the papers describe the state of art of the manufacturing processes that will be required, and possible sources of future process developments.

Loadpoint assists with detector designs

Loadpoint has been working for the Science and Technology Facilities Council on advanced specification glass wafers for use in the Diamond light source at the UK's synchrotron facility on the Harwell Science and Innovation campus. For more details please see the press release below

Loadpoint presents paper on 3D packaging at IMAPS

Loadpoint presented a paper at the IMAPS October 2008 conference in Munich outlining its view on dicing the upcoming multi material 3D packages for PZT applications. This included a list of other processes required with possible sources of those technologies.

Loadpoint launch MacroAce Machine

MacroAce is a very large capacity dicing machine for heavy duty single and multiple blade applications. A work capacity of 250 x 250 x 30 mm combined with 120 mm of spindle vertical movement enables diced or slotted features to be machined on the top of thick assemblies...

Loadpoint and Ferro-Electric Materials Processing

Loadpoint now has an expanded capability for processing ferroelectric materials. The new MacroAce provides the ability to dice or slice large blocks of PZT materials for ultrasonic applications. These can be up to 250 x 250 x 30 mm or fine features on the top of 100 mm high components.

The PicoAce grinder is now grinding elements down to 40 micron thick. This machine has the proven capability to grind diced and filled arrays to 50 micron thickness using film frame work holding techniques.

Manufacturing techniques are now being explored for new NDT imaging sensors and systems. These will be based on the NanoAce and MicroAce machines as well as the MacroAce. When developing a manufacturing process Loadpoint focuses on using production technique so that the transfer from R&D to production is as smooth as possible. This covers the machine, dicing blades, work holding with control and metrology as needed to provide a complete turn key system.

Loadpoint Ltd. Subcontract chosen to dice Infra-Red Filters for NASA

Swindon, UK – Loadpoint Ltd. have been asked to dice Infrared filters to be incorporated into the Mars Climate Sounder. The MCS is one of the ultramodern instruments aboard the Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter, timetabled for launch from Cape Canaveral in August 2004. On arriving at the Red Planet the craft will orbit at an altitude of 350 kilometres where it will spend two earth-years undertaking scientific research. The MCS will take vertical profiles of atmospheric radiance; the data generated being used to plot the exchange of water between the surface and the atmosphere.

The filters are being produced by the University of Reading Infrared Multilayer Laboratory who asked Loadpoint to undertake the precision dicing of Germanium substrates at their subcontract facility in Swindon, UK. With over 40 years of experience in dicing Loadpoint is one of the most established dicing machine manufacturers in the market. Loadpoint Director John Sweet said of their wafer dicing subcontract service ‘this type of technically sophisticated job is where Loadpoint’s depth of experience in dicing benefits our clients in both production time and materials cost. As we’ve been involved in the development of electronic components for so long we find we are the place that people come when they have new, difficult materials to dice. These aren’t the first Loadpoint diced parts to be sent into space and they won’t be the last.’

Loadpoint Ltd. undertake subcontract dicing on their own range of dicing machines, which dice wafers up to 300mm diameter. If you would like further information on Loadpoint’s range of dicing and post-dicing equipment, dicing subcontract facilities and consumables supply service please try their website at, email Loadpoint at or telephone 01793 751160 to discuss your dicing requirements with one of Loadpoint’s sales team.

Loadpoint Ltd. Subcontract offer first 300mm dicing service in UK

Loadpoint Ltd. have announced the addition of their NanoAce 300mm diameter high-precision dicing saws to their subcontract facility in Swindon, UK. The versatile NanoAce dices materials including Alumina, BGA mouldings, Ceramic, Glass, Lead Zirconate Titanate, FibreBoard and Silicon and can be controlled in 4 axes (x, y, z, and theta). Loadpoint’s customers use the wafer dicing subcontract facility to develop dicing processes for singulation of IC’s, LED’s, MEMS and other devices. The facility benefits from both the extensive dicing experience of our staff and the versatility of our machines, which are designed and built in-house. With the development of Wafer Level Packaging dicing saws as adaptable as the NanoAce are set to become more and more valuable to product development.

Loadpoint’s experience in dicing has earned them a place among some of Europe’s leading semiconductor manufacturers who are currently researching the process technology that will enable production of the next generation of ultra-thin IC’s. Company Director John Sweet says “For semiconductor dicing high precision diamond saws like the NanoAce are the most effective option for cost and productivity. Now we are pushing back the boundaries of this field of production engineering to ever finer levels of finish and quality”

Further details on Loadpoint’s dicing subcontract facilities and their range of dicing and post-dicing equipment can be found at alternatively telephone 01793 751160 to discuss your dicing requirements with one of Loadpoint’s sales team.

Groundbreaking ultrahigh-precision grinding machine PicoAce

Groundbreaking, ultrahigh-precision grinding machine PicoAce added to Loadpoint Ltd.'s Ace Machine-Tool family...

Purpose Designed 300mm Wafer Washing Station

Loadpoint's 300mm Dicer/Grinder is now available with a purpose designed 300mm wafer washing station...